Temporary Help When You Need It, Only When You Need It

DesignTemps is a temporary and permanent placement agency catering exclusively to the fluctuating needs of the graphic design and marketing industries. We have many talented and experienced graphic designers, production artists, web/interactive designers, animators, digital and traditional illustrators and much more available for freelance, temporary and permanent assignments.

DesignTemps is an ideal solution for in-house marketing departments. Whether you need additional help making a deadline or need a project handled from start to finish we have the perfect person to assist you. Even if you need someone last minute or for just a half day (our minimum), we can help out.


We offer three different options:

1) Temporary Help: (when you need it and only when you need it!) Our competitive rates make it easy and economical for you to use a DesignTemp for a myriad of graphics and marketing services. Temps can work either on-site on your equipment or off-site on theirs.

2) Temp-To-Hire: This option is an excellent way to find the best match for your creative staffing needs. It provides you with an opportunity to try an artist or several with no commitment to hire then choose the one that best fits in with your company and its needs. After approximately a three month period of time (480 total hours) you may opt to hire the temp at no additional placement fees.

3) Permanent Placement: The permanent placement program allows you to hire a DesignTemp on a permanent basis for a flat placement fee determined by the employee's annual starting salary. This fee is a fraction of what most other agencies charge!