DesignTemps Offers Cost-effective Payroll and
Human Resources Solutions

In addition to temp and permanent employee placement services, DesignTemps offers payrolling and employee benefits programs. Clients have turned to DesignTemps for easy, streamlined payrolling for various positions inside as well as outside their creative departments. Because we are considered the employer and handle all tax payments and deductions, worker's compensation, etc., clients can avoid potential problems.


Happy Employers

When DesignTemps handles your payrolling, employees are paid weekly by DesignTemps (every Wednesday). We then invoice the client on a net 30 days. With this service we handle:

• Weekly paychecks paid by DesignTemps

• Payroll tax deposits and returns

• All employee and employer paid taxes

• New hire reporting

• Worker's compensation

• Compliance with regulations established by FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act)


Happy Employees

Employees like payrolling through DesignTemps because they receive:

• Weekly paychecks

• No fee Direct Deposit (optional) - Employees receive voided payroll stubs each week for their records

• Friendly and competent help with any payroll and benefit questions they may have.

• Benefits packages are also offered by DesignTemps. In addition to payrolling, employees with benefits receive:

• Salomon Smith Barney Simple IRA plan - Employee makes elective contributions up to $6,000/year. DesignTemps will match up to 3% of income.

• Medical/dental healthcare allowance

• Paid vacation/sick days

• Paid legal holidays

Client references available upon request. For more information on DesignTemps services, including temporary placement, permanent placement, and our payrolling and benefits programs, please contact our San Diego office at (800) 222-7036 or our San Francisco office at (415) 456-7880